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About Me

I have always loved photography, even when I had a little Instamatic as a child.  I  would photograph the hill behind my school in every season, or stick my dolls in different settings to photograph. My five children were my willing and unwilling practice subjects for twenty years.  They were a bit relieved when I found some other people to photograph.  Nothing puts me in the moment as much as capturing a person through the camera.   Sometimes when I am looking at a subject through the lens, I am stunned by the beauty that I may not have seen in just talking to them. Maybe it is a pattern of their freckles or gold tints in their eyes. It is my goal to grab that person's shine.  I love the blank slate of each session and strive to give my clients their moment of time to treasure forever.  While I shoot all types of settings and stances,  I love natural light in an outdoor setting best.  


When I'm not behind the lens, I love to exercise; walking, spin, barre, yoga, stairs. ...  I love to be outside and am always on the look out for new backdrops.  I love to play Scrabble, listen to live music, read quotes and travel.  I lived in Kauai for five years, and it spoiled me for any other place.   Seagrove and Cape San Blas are my consolation beaches here.  





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